Sousou Zabuton Cushion, Large

This stylish take on the traditional zabuton cushion is the result of a partnership between textile brand Sou Sou and futon makers Daitou Shingu. Traditionally found in tatami rooms, these large zabuton cushions let you sit comfortably on the floor, meditate, or gather around the table for dinner.  

About Sou Sou
Each piece in this colorful collection is infused with vibrant graphic patterns designed by Japanese artist Katsuji Wakisaka. With a mission to revitalize traditional Japanese styles, his modern designs combine contemporary patterns with traditional Japanese shapes.

About Daitou Shingu
Established in 1925 as a Japanese futon maker, Daitou Shingu has a singular goal of providing the most comfortable sleep experience possible. Every item in the collection is made by hand using traditional Japanese techniques, natural dyes, and absolutely no bleaching or chemical processing.

*Note: Due to the size/weight of this item, it is not eligible for free shipping. Please contact if you have any questions.

Materials: Outer: 100% Cotton; Inner: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester
Dimensions: Length: 22" Width: 23" 
Care: Spot clean surface stains with mild detergent
Kyoto, Japan

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