Sonoran Desert Cone Incense, Box of 21

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For those looking for inspiration or inner peace, a moment of quiet can make a world of difference. This incense series takes inspiration from the North American landscape, combining an ancient Eastern tradition with unequivocally American character. Light a cone and feel the room become alive with the scents of the wild desert terrain. This box contains 21 cones with a burning time of fifteen minutes each.

Spring Arroyo: Named after the dry creeks of the Sonoran Desert, this fragrance combines floral notes with the rich zest of bergamot.

Ocotillo Bloom: Inspired by the desert plant native to the Sonoran Desert, the Ocotillo Bloom fragrance is a fresh, soft scent with herbal notes of woodsy balsam.

About Tennen
Founded in 2001 by Ethan Wessel and Sarah Swartz Wessel, Tennen is a multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Phoenix, USA. Their Sonoran Desert incense collection is part of a collaboration with Kyoto incense makers, and was influenced by the constant and soothing presence of Japanese incense around the Tennen Studio offices. From buildings to aromas, Tennen’s design projects pursue aesthetic simplicity inspired by the culture and design sensibilities of Japan - honesty of materials, minimalism, and the changing seasons.

Contains: 21 cones
Burning Time: Approximately 15-17 minutes.
How to Use:  Light the tip of the incense cone and blow out the flame immediately. Keep away from flammable objects.  
Kyoto, Japan