Musubi Vase - Kaze (Natural)

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“Musubi” is the Japanese word for the spiritual power of growth that is found in all natural things. Inspired by this philosophy, the Musubi vase collection displays fresh-cut flowers with the same dynamic grace as if they were still growing in the earth. Each vase is hand-turned and carved from Japanese Zelkova wood, which is traditionally used to make Taiko drums and furniture.

Each style is designed in a form inspired after one of the Five Elements, with Kaze (or Wind) representing the things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement- just like your most beloved flowers. Perfectly symmetrical and smooth to the touch, this stunning piece is a testament to the perfection that can be achieved by a pair of human hands.

Materials: Zelkova Wood
Dimensions: Height: 6”, Diameter: 2”
Care: Hand-wash with mild soap. Use a clean cloth to remove dust from exterior surface, wiping gently.
Yamanaka, Japan