LINK Furoshiki “Tokyo” - Glow in the Dark

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Printed using traditional methods in a workshop on the outskirts of Tokyo, this multipurpose furoshiki is perfect for gift-wrapping, carrying, wearing, or simply displaying. Each style is created by a collective of female designers and artists. 

This style features a special technique that allows for glow-in-the-dark inks using silk screens. The ink absorbs natural light during the day and radiates a soft glow at night. Unlike some glow-in-the-dark inks, it is soft to the touch, so it can be worn comfortably. 

From the artist: “Arriving in Tokyo city in that magic time between night and day, our train meanders through a Tetris-like metropolis, we become enveloped in a world of blocks, but as we look more we begin to see the traces of times past. Windows appear to flicker on and off, as people come and go, the city that never sleeps welcomes us with its glow.” — Hannah Waldron

About Link Collective
LINK is a global design collective with the mission statement, "From Japan to the world and from the world to Japan." Born from a desire to merge international designs with traditional Japanese production methods, LINK is a unique and challenging project conducted entirely online by women with a global vision. Through collaboration with a select network of creatives from around the world, the group aims to cross cultures and generations by creating beautiful and functional products.

Materials: 100% cotton
Dimensions: 35.4” L x 35.4” W
Care: Hand wash
Tokyo, Japan