Handmade Scent Diffusing Stones

$ 22.00 USD

These ceramic oil diffusers naturally embed the air with a homey, calming aroma. These small ceramic pieces contain an oil that is made by kneading a variety of plant extracts by hand with natural materials and activated water. The resulting mixture is left to harden naturally, allowing its absorbing properties to settle in naturally.  

To use, place a little bit of the essential oil of your choice into the center of the diffuser. The ceramic diffuser will absorb the oil and release the scent, filling the air with a relaxing aroma and expelling invisible negative ions to absorb moisture and pollutants from the air.  

Set of 3. 

Size varies due to the hand made quality. Essential oils not included. Find your favorite scent from our collection of oils for home and bath. 

Materials: ceramic, calcium, magnesium
Dimensions: Height: ½” Diameter: 1¼”
Osaka, Japan