Organic Vinegar Drink Concentrate - Cranberry

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Toast to your health with this flavorful fruit vinegar concentrate. Vinegar has been enjoyed in Japan for throughout history for its purported health and beauty benefits. This version balances sweetness with acidity from apple cider vinegar to create something you’ll feel good drinking. To enjoy, simply mix 1:1 with water, seltzer, sparkling water, or add alcohol for a new twist on your favorite cocktails.

This product is certified organic.

About Kuze Fuku & Co
St.Cousair was founded by Ryozo Kuze in 1976 from a jar of apple jam that his wife, Mayumi made to serve guests at the ski lodge they were running in Nagano. The jam and many of Mayumi's homemade dishes were greatly enjoyed by their guests. For more than forty years, Ryozo ran the company with a passion for food that offers a charming, homey taste from the freshest and most natural ingredients possible.

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Ingredients: Water, Organic Concord Grape Juice Conc., Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Size: 16 fl oz
Made in USA