Shinanoki Wooden Tray

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A 2017 Good Design award winner, this simple rectangular tray is manufactured by artisans in the Kagawa prefecture. An exercise in straightforward design, they are nearly completely flat with a pleasing curve at the edge that securely holds whatever it is you wish to carry and is a pleasure to grip with your fingertips. Effective and long-lasting, they are tested to ensure over 3,000 washes and is entirely food safe.

Care Instructions
Handle carefully when in use. Bending or dropping may cause cracks and chips. Although it is highly waterproof, stains may set if left in contact so ensure spills are promptly wiped up. While dishwasher safe, you will get the most longevity by handwashing when needed.

*Please note - Due to the nature of wood, this product may warp if exposed to excessive atmospheric moisture or not properly maintained. 

Dimensions: Small: L: 12.8" x W: 9.4" x H: .47". Large: L: 15.6" x W: 11.2" x H: .47"
Kagawa, Japan