Saito Wooden Tray - Natural

Sleek and elegant, this minimalist wooden tray is well-suited for organized types. Made from weightless plywood, it’s easy to carry without sacrificing on sturdiness or quality.  This endlessly useful tray is perfect for serving food, organizing apothecary objects, displaying accessories, or simply breakfast in bed.

About Saito
Saito Sawmill was founded in 1950, making furniture, screen doors, and baseball bats to order. These days the famed mill specializes making home decor from plywood for clients around the world. Saito has become internationally recognized for the technical skill of their woodworkers and their careful attention to detail, with each piece holding an innate quality as unique as the rings on a piece of wood.

Materials: Natural Plywood
Dimensions: Length: 15" Width: 10"
Niigata, Japan

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