Mashiko Little Dish

These little plates are handmade in the organic mashiko style, a ceramic tradition that defined the Japanese folk art movement in the late 1920s. Measuring just a few inches wide, they’re perfect for storing little trinkets like rings, paper clips, and desktop essentials. 

About Mashikoyaki
A traditional ceramic craft since the 19th century, mashikoyaki is characterized by its organic, smooth textures and rich glaze colorways. Mashiko artists have always focused on creating simple household forms such as cups, mugs, and bowls; common objects with a function beyond beauty. Native to Tochigi Prefecture, Mashiko ware is characterized by the region’s hardy natural clay, and features rustic glazes in organic shades of persimmon, straw, tree ash and rice husks. Its distinctively tactile textures and handmade quality made mashikoyaki a critical part of the Japanese folk art movement, or mingei, in the late 1920s. 

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Diameter 3 ¾” 
Care: Hand-wash only. 
Tochigi, Japan

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