Drip Cup

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The handmade Drip Cup showcases two important parts of the making process: craftsmanship and spontaneity. Each piece is fired with a homemade “kiln glaze” that changes color in the kiln so that not even the maker knows what the piece will look like until it is finished. The effect reveals a runny effect dripping down from its edges, simulating a cup overflowing with generosity. At once colorful and serene, this artful cup is the perfect partner for slow mornings with a cup of tea or afternoon visits with friends.

Because Sakuzan pieces are made to order, the may exhibit some discrepancies in glazing. The glaze features miniscule cracks: this is intentional and an integral part of the ceramic minou yaki aesthetic tradition.

About Sakuzan
Nestled in a small workshop in the mountain village of Toki, Sakuzan is a ceramic studio that consistently pushes the envelope of mino ware ceramic tradition. Every detail that defines Sakuzan tableware is designed to complement the food that will be served on it. From adjusting the rim of a cup to facilitate drinking to choosing a glaze that complements the type of food served, each piece  is crafted with the user in mind. To hold each piece is to witness its formative dignity; to use it is to understand its functional beauty.

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Diameter: 3 1/2" Height: 2 1/2"
Care: Handwash with a gentle detergent and dry immediately. Microwave and oven safe. Not stovetop or dishwasher safe.
Toki, Japan

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