FD Style Wine Opener

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Sleek and functional, the FD Style Wine Opener is a smart addition to any dinner party. This ergonomic wine opener features a spiral corkscrew with a straight inner rod for effortless uncorking. It is designed with the thoughtful host in mind, letting you entertain your guests without breaking a sweat. Made with a matte black coating, the FD Style Wine Opener is as much a conversation piece as the wine accompanying it.

About FD Style
The FD Style collection is designed by designer Hagino Mitsunobu, whose minimalist designs pare each tool down to its essential elements. Made from stainless steel coated with a matte fluorocarbon polymer resin, every tool in the collection is ergonomic, easy to clean, and multifunctional. The FD Style collection is produced in the region of Niigata, where metalworking is the regional specialty.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Resin Coating
Dimensions: Width: 1” Length: 5”
Care: Hand-wash only with non-abrasive materials.
Niigata, Japan

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