Morihata Cha Tea Set

A selection of fine Japanese green teas to indulge your senses. Presented as a seasonal harvest, this exquisite collection introduces you to the diverse world of green tea and all of its delights. Summer rain, autumn fields, and spring gardens await to be discovered inside this box, a beautiful gift to be sampled, shared and enjoyed. Includes three packets holding samples of Kanaya Midori, Hojicha, and Genmaicha respectively.

JAS and USDA certified organic.

About Morihata Teas
Deep in the wooded hills of Kirishima, a region widely known for producing some of Japan’s finest teas, stands a plantation whose lush fields have been tended by five generations of master tea growers. Innovators in organic cultivation methods, their plots are dedicated to producing shining examples of some of Japan’s most sought-after tea varieties. The Morihata collection is proud to bring their reverence for tradition and forward-thinking production to the cups of discerning tea drinkers everywhere.

Ingredients: organic green tea, roasted rice grains.
Quantity: Genmaicha 50g, Hojicha 30g, Kanaya Midori 50g 
Kirishima, Japan

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