Beech Wood "T" Rattle

A classic children’s toy, rattles are known to stimulate a baby’s tactile, visual, and musical senses. This adorable rattle shakes back and forth like a hammer, making a gentle knocking noise that will keep your little one entertained for hours.  Made from smooth, lightweight beechwood and a thin beeswax finish, it’s ideal for teething infants and those with sensitive skin.

About Moku Yusya
These artful wooden toys are created in a small toymakers’ workshop based in the rural prefecture of Ehime, where beechwood trees grow locally. Made with all-natural materials, each classic toy is designed to be passed down through the generations. A portion of proceeds from the purchase of these toys is donated to support the Carbon Offsetting Project, a Japan-based effort to combat global climate change.

Materials: Beech wood, beeswax finish
Dimensions: Height: 4 ¾”, Width: 1”

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