Usuda Candle Holder - Sen

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Bring a piece of Japan's legendary forests into your home with this beautiful candle holder from master woodworker Kenji Usuda. The piece's gently curving sides and concave top are coated with a combination of walnut oil and beeswax to give them a smooth finish and subtle luster. Each holder features a bottom hole for easy candle removal and is signed with the artist's mark. Includes one unscented candle.

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About Kenji Usuda
"Living in the woods, thinking of the woods, creating in the woods" is the philosophy of Kenji Usuda, an award-winning Japanese woodworker who meticulously crafts gorgeous wares on a forested plot of land near his home in Hokkaido. As part of his efforts to restore the vibrancy of the forest around him, Usuda carefully thins local tree populations then uses the resulting lumber to create one-of-a-kind woodworks.

Materials: Sen wood, walnut oil, beeswax
Dimensions: 3.95" D x 1.75" H
Care: If necessary, gently apply additional walnut oil or beeswax to protect the wood and increase its luster.
Hokkaido, Japan