JODAN Ceramic Aroma Ring - Square

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Don a JODAN Ceramic Aroma Ring and turn the most casual gesture into an aromatic experience. Each handmade piece is designed to be impregnated with essential oils for a fashionable whiff of your favorite aroma anywhere, anytime. Simply apply a drop or two of oil to the ring and carry the scent of happiness with you throughout the day. Also available in a beige Half Moon version.

To easily add essential oils to your Aroma Ring - and to make the most of every drop - we recommend setting your ring on a Camphor Wood Aroma Diffuser during application. Shop essential oils here.

By exploring new applications for age-old resources, the craftspeople at JODAN have managed to produce the rarest of things: a wholly original idea. Their ceramic accessories are molded from natural materials and shaped into attractive pieces that double as sources of aromatic pleasure. To wear JODAN is to weave a tapestry of fragrance with every gesture.

Materials: Ceramic, gold leaf
Small: US 4.5 - 5; JP 8 - 9
Medium: US 6 - 6.5; JP 12 - 13
Large: US 8 - 8.5; JP 16 - 17
Care: Let the previous scent fade from the ring before adding a new type of oil; how long this takes will depend on the type and concentration of the oil used. If necessary, you can remove dirt and grime with fine sandpaper, scraping gently and precisely. We recommend taking off the ring before cooking or performing manual labor.
Arita, Japan