SUNn Small Ring Earrings

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A frequent feature of SUNn's jewelry is an asymmetry that sets each earring apart while allowing the pieces to complement one another, and this feature is on subtle display in their Small Ring Earrings. These understated works of art add a glint of gold or silver to the ear, though in different proportions: While one earring takes the shape of a simple ring, the other includes a second ring that hangs from the first.

About SUNn Jewelry
Husband and wife team Takahashi creates jewelry with motion in mind. Each piece takes full advantage of all three dimensions to create a sense of depth or generate movement. Inspired by ancient wisdom surrounding the moon and stars, their often asymmetrical artwork can be combined to create unique looks for any occasion.

Rhodium: Rhodium over 925 sterling silver
Gold: 18k gold over brass

Single ring: 0.2" x 0.2"
Dual rings: 0.39" x 0.2"
Care: Because of the thinness of the metal, an earring may bend. Slowly reshape by hand if necessary, being careful not to break it. Polish with a silver cleaning cloth when needed.
Kyoto, Japan