Ceramic City Bud Vase No. 2

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This handmade bud vase from artist Yukiko Ohnakahara is part of her “skyline” series of city-inspired ceramic creations. Inspired by the flickering lights of Tokyo’s skyline, these vases feature a removable top for storing small items.

Every vase in the Ceramic City series is one of a kind. Only one available in each style.   

About Yukiko Ohnakahara
Yukiko Ohnakahara is a Japanese ceramic artist who has held solo and group exhibitions throughout Tokyo. In 2011 she opened her own store in Yanaka, Tokyo, making handmade wares like our bird mobile and handmade potholder. Her work plays on the craft aesthetic, using recycled materials and imperfect details to enhance the unique quality of each piece.

Dimensions: Varies by piece, but are generally about 3” in height and 2.5” in width
Materials: Clay; Glaze
Tokyo, Japan