Sola Cube - Bunny Tail Grass (Usaginoo)

$ 46.00 USD

Designed to cultivate our inherent sense of wonder and exploration, Sola Cubes feature rare natural specimens captured forever in clear acrylic. Hyper-polished and distortion-free, these expertly preserved curiosities make a fantastic gift for the naturalist in your life and will captivate guests at your home and office. Custom beech and walnut display stands are also available here.

Also available: Dandelion Fluff (tampopo), Eucalyptus (yūkari), Globe Amaranth (sennichiko), Small Globe Thistle (ruritamaazami), Strawflower (kaigaraso), Shell Ginger (gettou), and Sweetgum (momiji bafu).

About Acrylate Resin Casting
As with amber, insects and other curiosities can be preserved in acrylic resin for generations. The process typically involves pouring acrylic into a mold with the dried plant on a slightly solidified gel. The specimen is then pressurized in the mold to remove bubbles before being slowly heated to stabilize the acrylic bonds. Finally, the specimen is shaped and buffed to remove any surface markings, creating a vibrant representative of a favorite plant that never wilts or fades.

Materials: Acrylic resin, bunny tail grass
Dimensions: 1.57" L x 1.57" W x 1.57" H
Care: Polish occasionally with a soft cloth
Kyoto, Japan