Ren Brass Seagull and Whale Mobile

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The product of an artist's meticulous folding, creasing and hammering - all of which is done by hand - this Brass Seagull and Whale pairing suggests a miniature seascape born of manipulated metal. Find more of Ren's work in the artist's collection here.

Please note: The two brass pieces in this mobile are joined by an extremely delicate material similar to fishing line. To prevent snapping the line, take the utmost care when handling or hanging.

About Ren
With a focus on traditional forging techniques, the artist known only as Ren believes that metalworks crafted by human hands can carry a memory of those hands, a story of creation and ownership built over time by each person who holds them.

Materials: Brass, nylon wire
Whale: 3.75" L x 2.35" W x 2" H
Seagull: 0.8" L x 1.6" W x 0.4" H
Care: To clean or dust, very gently take down the mobile, being extra careful to avoid breaking the line joining the two pieces. Then, wipe each piece carefully with a clean, dry cloth.
Kyoto, Japan