Fujigoke Moss

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This vibrant moss is cultivated at the foot of Mt. Fuji, then finished by craftsmen who expertly preserve each display through a unique freeze-drying process. The result is a beautiful slice of natural verdure that requires no watering or maintenance - simply place it in your home as-is or cut the moss into custom shapes for a splash of bespoke greenery.

Choose a downy carpet of Hosobaokina-goke, bright strands of Hai-goke, or tiny stars of Suna-goke. Please note that the color of the moss will slowly change over time due to the product's organic nature.

About Fujigoke
The pioneers of preservation behind Fujigoke first found success creating a new aqueous coating agent effective at keeping plants looking fresh and vital. This solution was perfected in its next iteration - a compound they call Frozen Flower - ultimately leading to the creation of their iconic moss boxes, which showcase the same high-quality moss found in Japan's temples and gardens.

Materials: Freeze-dried moss, wooden box
Dimensions: 5.9" L x 3.95" W x 1.2" H
Care: Do not water. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Yokohama, Japan