Ceramic Herb Planter

$ 30.00 USD

Give your favorite plant a happy home with the Ceramic Herb Planter. This unglazed banko-yaki planter is perfectly sized for windowsills and bookshelves, and will effortlessly match your minimalist interior. It features a built-in inner bowl that provides great drainage and does not require a separate saucer.

About Banko Yaki
Banko-Yaki is a Japanese ceramic technique local to the Mie Prefecture that embodies ideals of eternity and constancy.  Dating back to the 18th century, banko-yaki ceramics offer unique heat resistance and a beautiful, almost primitive composition. These handmade pieces continue to honor an ancient art in a modern world by reshaping tradition to fit the needs of the future.

Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions: Length: 3.35”, Width: 3.35”, Height: 3.54”
Yokkaichi, Japan