Sori Yanagi Cast Iron Grill Pan

Sori Yanagi’s famed Nambu Tekki pan combines traditional Japanese design with a modern sensibility. This iconic pan is crafted from a single piece of extra thick nambu tekki cast iron, a traditional Japanese iron casting technique that dates back to the early 17th century. The result is an all-purpose grilling pan that quickly and evenly distributes heat for creating delicious meals. The slightly curved edge allows for easy pouring while the cast iron fork can be used for both lifting and serving. Equally safe for use on gas, electric, or induction stove tops.

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About Sori Yanagi
Legendary designer Sori Yanagi is known as the heir of the Japanese folk art movement. His inventive product designs, from common kitchenware to the famed Butterfly Chair, were the catalyst for the rise of modernist Japanese design after the 1950s. His kitchen tools embody his values of simplicity and practicality, celebrating organic form above trends, beauty above superficiality, and efficiency above frivolity. 

Materials: Cast Iron.  
Dimensions: Height: 3½" Diameter: 13"
Care: Scrub lightly with warm water. For stubborn food remnants, use a touch of dish soap and a nylon scouring pad. Always thoroughly dry pan after each use, apply a light layer of vegetable oil with a towel, and store. Do not put pan in the dishwasher or soak in water. Dry immediately after use to prevent rust.
Niigata, Japan

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