Cotton Indigo Face Mask

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Venture forth confidently with a soft and effective face mask. This washable cotton mask was crafted in Japan by the textile experts at Yoshii and has been indigo-dyed and assembled by the Rikumo team in Philadelphia, PA. It features a waffle-weave interior and comfortable over-dyed elastic fastening strings and comes complete with a protective storage bag. Available for a limited time and in extremely limited quantities.

Fitting Your Mask:

There is no specified top or bottom to the mask, so please choose the best fitting option for your comfort. The elastic strings may be cut or tied to create a custom fit. We recommend fitting your mask in front of a mirror.

While wearing, create a proper seal by ensuring hair and jewelry are out of the way. The mask should fit comfortably over both your mouth and nose during use for optimum protection for yourself and others.

Materials: 100% Cotton, Elastic
Dimensions: 7" W x 5" H
Care: Hand wash regularly with cold water and mild detergent. Rinse, reshape, and allow to air dry. Due to the nature of the indigo dye, there is a chance that some color may rub off onto your skin and clothing. To help minimize this, you may choose to prewash your mask prior to wearing. 
Imabari, Japan

Please note: We are unable to accept returns on this product. These masks are not FDA-approved and are not intended to replace medical-grade PPE. They are intended for use by healthy adults and should not be used by anyone with respiratory conditions.