S. Morishita Butter Knife

$ 23.00 USD

It's clear from the stem of the highly functional S. Morishita Butter Knife - its organic shape looks more carved than forged - that this piece was made by human hands. Adding to this utensil's allure is a textured plane that will almost make you sorry to dole out the butter.

About S. Morishita
Though all artisanal wares take on unique traits born of their creators' philosophies and techniques, rarely is such individuality so evident as in the work of artist S. Morishita. From the beautifully textured surfaces of his distinctive decor to the organic, hand-shaped look of his aluminum kitchenware, each aspect of Morishita metalworks serves as a reminder of this experienced artist's singular appeal.

Materials: Aluminum
Dimensions: 6.3" L x 0.65" W
Care: Hand wash, then dry immediately and thoroughly.
Hyoho, Japan