Tetsu-e Tumbler

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This collection of tumblers from artist Yuuki Abe feature bold illustrative patterns that resemble the broad strokes found in Shuji calligraphy. The motifs are applied using a technique known as Tetsu-e and involves a pigment containing iron oxide that appears after firing. Four patterns are available in limited quantities. 

About Yuuki Abe
Artist Yuuki Abe received a degree in architecture before continuing her studies at the Tajimi City Ceramic Design Institute. Today, she creates architecturally informed ceramics in her hometown of Aichi. Her work is an exercise in shape, texture, and pattern that pays homage to the raw materials.

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Diameter: 1.77", Height: 3.5" (approx)
Care: Handwash.
Aichi, Japan