Fuwa Coaster

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Send your drinkware to heaven with plush coasters that will leave your beverage lounging on a cloud. Each Fuwa Coaster - "fuwa" means "fluffy" in Japanese - is made from expertly layered cotton and linen fabric and features a raised edge that makes it appear as though your glass is sinking into a comfy repose. Also available in a stuffed version.

About Suwayama
At her studio in Aichi, craftsperson Rie Sumoto stitches and sows layers of cotton and linen with a clear intention in mind: elevating mundane objects into adorable home accessories. Her Suwayama brand tugs at the imagination, offering ultra-fluffy coasters, pot holders, and other objects that shape simple materials into her unique vision.

Materials: 85% cotton, 15% linen
Dimensions: 4.15" D x 0.4" H
Care: Hand wash or machine wash in a net with like colors, then allow to air dry. If bleach is required, use oxygen bleach.
Aichi, Japan