Washi Origami Paper

$ 9.00 USD

Join the ranks of folders everywhere with this Washi Origami Paper, available in a variety of colorful, perfectly sized sheets. Each pack includes a range of blues, reds, greens, or blacks, allowing for creative takes on even the simplest designs, and their square shape means they're ready for use right out of the packaging. Enjoy a few minutes of mindful activity culminating in a new piece of handmade decor. Contains 50 sheets of origami paper per pack.

Origami designs abound online, offering patterns of varying complexity. We like these animal-inspired designs from the World Wildlife Fund, but there are many more to choose from. Beginners are recommended to start with a simple design and work up.

About Origami
Some refuse to cut their paper; others snip to great effect. In either case, paper folders are practicing the art of origami, a form created in Japan hundreds of years ago by an innovator whose name has been lost to time. However, it was Friedrich Froebel, the German educator who coined the term "kindergarten," who popularized the practice outside Japan in the early 1800s, with contemporary artists like Fumiaki Kawahata and Peter Engel advancing techniques even further. Today, origami societies exist the world over to practice their art and render the world's beauty into carefully folded forms.

Materials: Colored paper
Dimensions: 5.9" L x 5.9" W (each sheet)
Care: Color may fade if left in direct sunlight for extended periods.
Kyoto, Japan