Tesuki Craft & Wrapping Paper

$ 9.00 USD

Add a uniquely tactile dimension to your next gift or craft project with a sheet of Tesuki Craft & Wrapping Paper from WACCA Japan. By applying a paste made from konjac root to a mulberry pulp base, WACCA is able to bring a texture as soft as fine cloth to their artisanal Japanese washi, thereby creating light, pillowy paper that is a pleasure to handle. Each unit comes as single folded sheet.

About WACCA Japan
The name WACCA is a play on words, combining the Japanese character "wa" (和), meaning something Japanese, with "wakka" (わっか), meaning circle or ring. The company exists to bring the simple pleasures of artisanal washi paper - the appealing texture, the handmade aesthetics - to the daily lives of people around the world, restoring an art form in decline while enhancing our everyday experiences.

Materials: Paper made from mulberry bark and konjac root
Dimensions: 23.6" L x 17.7" W
Care: Keep in a dry environment.
Tokyo, Japan