MT Washi Tape - Stripe Gold

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From sealing a lunch bag to wrapping a special gift, the world of washi tape is a playground for the creative mind. Washi tape is made from translucent Japanese rice paper and comes in an endless spectrum of colors and patterns. It features a gentle adhesive, making it easy to stick on and tear off without damaging any surfaces. Its soft, tactile texture and colorful prints are perfect for craft projects- use it to customize and decorate notebooks, letters, labels, packages, and even your walls!

About MT Washi Tape
Washi tape was invented by MT, a 100-year-old company specializing in paper adhesives. In 2006, the company received notice that three women in Tokyo had been using their utility tapes to make beautiful craft projects. Inspired by their creativity, MT invited the women to tour the factory and began developing an entirely new type of colorful, adaptable tape that could be used for creative projects. Today, washi tape comes in thousands of colors, prints, and designs, and has a cult following among crafters and stationery aficionados throughout the world.

Materials: Washi paper, adhesive
Dimensions: 0.6" W x 33' L 
Chiba, Japan