Mono Washi Tape - Blue Sky

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When you want to convey the aimless pleasure of staring up at the sky on a beautiful day, bring out this Mono Washi Tape, which features fluffy clouds and soaring birds - plus the odd aircraft - against a clear blue backdrop. The tape's mostly transparent backing helps these features blend into stationery for an artistic touch that comes to life on the page. Contains 10 meters of tape per roll.

About Mono Idea Lab
One-man research institute Mono Idea Lab works hard for the sake of - as they charmingly put it - manufacturing with a little "!". The artist behind their stationery boasts a special talent for working with nature motifs, a skill that translates to beautifully detailed designs inspired by peaceful images from the world around us.

Materials: Washi paper, adhesive
Dimensions: 32.8' L x 0.6" W
Saitama, Japan