K. Sansyo Washi Tape - Set of 6

$ 20.00 USD

Expand the possibilities of your next craft project with an array of adhesive hues. These sets of K. Sansyo Washi Tape each offer six thematically aligned colors from across the spectrum inspired by three core concepts:

Sky: A set of bright, lively colors reminiscent of a clear summer day
Life: A mix of bold and earthy shades to create a more grounded tone 
Nostalgia: Six distinct, neutral hues that recall comfortable moments past

About Kamiiso Sansyo
For almost 100 years, the specialty paper-makers at Kamiiso Sansyo Co. have maintained a keen awareness of one simple fact: people's needs change over time. As a result, the brand has continued to innovate under the watchful eyes of the Onishi family - descendants of the company's founder - and produce lasting paper wares their customers truly enjoy.

Materials: Washi paper, adhesive
Dimensions: 23' L x 0.6" W
Ehime, Japan