Nagatani-en Donabe with Steamer

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Create delicious and simple one-pot dishes with this display-worthy clay pot. With its generous size and solid earthenware construction, you can easily prepare flavorful and healthy soups, stews, and hot pots for the entire family. This all-purpose style includes a handy steamer insert that’s perfect for veggies, proteins, and your favorite dumplings. 

About Donabe
A sturdy donabe is essential for preparing a delicious and warming nabemono, or Japanese hot pot dish. A donabe is a lidded cooking vessel characterized by its thick and porous walls. These walls allow it to slowly and evenly distribute a radiating heat that penetrates deep into ingredients while locking in flavors. 

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Materials: Clay
Dimension: 12" D x 6.25" H, 3.17 quart (3 L)
Care: There are steps you can take to maximize the life of your donabe; we recommend reviewing this article. Suitable only for gas stovetops; not for use with electric, induction, or glass top ranges.
Mie, Japan