Leather Room Shoes

Put your feet up and unwind with these luxurious leather room shoes from Flying Apartment. Made from plush suede-like leather, these beautiful slippers feature soft padding for your feet to sink into after a long day of walking. Designed with Flying Apartment’s “home as a vehicle” philosophy, the back folds down for easy storage in your suitcase or if you simply prefer wearing them as a slipper. The remarkably soft leather is washable for durability and daily wear. Comfortable and durable, these are the kind of shoes that make you feel at home no matter where you are.

About Flying Apartment
The rules and duties that define our world can often create borders, both physical and emotional. Flying Apartment is a project to transcend the physical borders of our homes and recast the home as a portable feeling, a “vehicle that can fly anywhere.” Its concept is simple: to make comfortable, quality products that you can take with you in your travels and that make any stop feel just like home.

Materials: Leather


US Women’s Shoe

US Men’s Shoe


6.5 – 8

5 – 6.5


8.5 – 10

7 – 8.5

Care: Hand-wash gently with a light detergent and dry in the shade.
Tokyo, Japan

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