Ko Soda Market Bag

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This impressive bag is formed and cut from a single quarter-inch piece of premium cow leather by craftsman Ko Soda. The thickness of the raw material gives this piece a solid feel and allows it to double as an all-purpose basket. With use, the leather becomes increasingly supple.

About Ko Soda
Designer Ko Soda creates one-of-a-kind leather shoes and bags that disrupt the status quo. After twenty years of working with meticulous care and advanced techniques, he began to see the beauty in the rawest aspects of his trade. To push the boundaries of his craft, he founded the “NPW (Numekawa patchwork) School”, a workshop and style that uses only scissors and a hammer to upcycle scrap leather into entirely new works. 

Materials: Cow Leather from Tochigi Prefecture
Dimensions: 17.5” Height; 10” Diameter
Care: When needed, gently brush dirt and dust with a soft brush. Test any saddle soap or leather conditioner in an inconspicuous spot prior to use.
Tokyo, Japan