Ko Soda Lattice Bag, Small

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This stylish latticework bag is formed and cut from a single quarter-inch piece of premium cow leather by craftsman Ko Soda. To create its unique design, the raw leather is made wet and pliable before being cut. It is then shaped and allowed to dry before being riveted together into a beautiful and durable accessory.

Please note: Each individual Lattice Bag is handmade and therefore unique. Photos demonstrate the general design of each piece, but the final product may differ somewhat in color. The high quality and elegant design of Ko Soda's work are uniform across every bag, however. Please contact us at info@rikumo.com with any product inquiries.

About Ko Soda
Designer Ko Soda creates one-of-a-kind leather bags and shoes that disrupt the status quo. After twenty years working in leather with meticulous care and advanced techniques, he began to see beauty in the raw aspects of the trade. To push the boundaries of his craft, Soda founded the Numekawa Patchwork (NPW) School, a workshop and style that uses only scissors and hammers to upcycle scrap leather into entirely new works. See the full Ko Soda collection here.

Materials: Cow leather from Tochigi Prefecture
Dimensions: 12.5” L x 3.5” W x 8” H (10.75” with handle)
Care: When necessary, gently clear away any dirt or dust with a soft brush. Test any saddle soap or leather conditioner in an inconspicuous spot prior to use.
Tokyo, Japan