Bagworks Bicycleman Bag

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As though the name wasn't enough of a clue, one glance at the Bicycleman Bag from Bagworks makes clear its purpose: serving as a handy traveling companion as you cruise around town. Of course, its usefulness isn't limited to two-wheeled travel; the Bicycleman Bag's water-resistant nylon construction and comfy cotton strap make it a great everyday accessory, no matter your mode of transportation.

About Bagworks Co.
Since its founding almost 70 years ago, Bagworks Co. has earned a name for itself as a maker of specialized bags, all of which stem from a straightforward desire to create "bags for work." The company's emphasis on utility, durability, and adherence to the strictest international standards is undoubtedly why their products are relied on by people across Japan, from engineers to boy scouts. And yet, in spite of their success, Bagworks continues to strive for a surprisingly humble goal: to become "the most decent bag shop in the world."

Materials: Water-resistant nylon, cotton strap, magnetic clasp
Dimensions: 10.6" W x 7.1" H x 2.35" D
Care: Remove dirt with a soft brush or a damp cloth that has been thoroughly wrung out.
Toyooka, Japan