Wara Yu Teapot - Grey

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As the capital of Japan until 1868, Kyoto was once the nucleus of Japanese culture. Kyo-yaki (ceramics made by Kyoto artisans) remain quiet reminders of this period, distinguished by a delicate and glossy sensibility that marks them as one of the finest Japanese traditional crafts. The Wara Yu teapot is a prime example of these artisans’ mastery: perfectly round and smooth to the touch, it adds a touch of handmade elegance to the quiet ritual of tea drinking.

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Length (w/ handle): 7", Height: 2.25", Diameter: 4.63"
Volume: 230ml
Care: Rinse thoroughly with water only (no sponge or scrubber), dry immediately after. Not dishwasher safe.
Kyoto, Japan