Japonica Room Spray

What is the first thing you think of when you envision the color green? What scents come to mind when you picture a blue ocean? The Japonica Colors Collection is designed to bring the spirit and essence of traditional Japanese colors to life through the senses. This exclusive small-batch fragrance collection uses the finest Japanese scents like ylang ylang, bright ginger, and therapeutic hinoki to compose a unique fragrance profile. Each oil is extracted and hand-blended in their purest form in the Aoiro atelier, where their fragrance experts have been making refined scents for over a decade.

Yanagi Iro- Color of Serenity
Yanagi Iro is a bright, citrusy blend with notes of ylang ylang, ginger, grapefruit, saro, west Indian sandalwood, and the bitter orange tree Petitgrain. Balancing, lively, and harmonious, this fragrance is inspired by the bright green color of Japanese willow leaves.

Sora Iro- Color of Verve
Sora Iro was inspired by the traditional Japanese clear blue color of the sky. Refreshing forest notes of blue cypress, lime, nana mint, mix with woodsy notes of eucalyptus, siam wood and hinoki for an invigorating room fragrance that brings the outdoors into the home.

Kohaku Iro- Color of Infinity
The name Kohaku Iro comes from the traditional Japanese color of golden amber. A deeply contemplative and meditative fragrance, this sophisticated blend holds spicy wooden notes of katafray, turmeric, jasmine, nutmeg, mandarin, and wild thyme.

Dadai Iro- Color of Delight

Dadai Iro derives from the rich orange color of a bitter citrus. With notes of cedarwood, ho wood, mandarin and turmeric, this aromatic blend brings an uplifting and joyous atmosphere to any room.  

About Aorio
Aoiro is an international olfactory design studio based in Berlin and Tokyo, and founded by the Japanese–Austrian duo Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig. Aoiro’s “Listening to the Scent” concept is inspired by the olfactory philosophy of kohdo, the Japanese classical art & ceremony of appreciating a subtle and exquisite fragrance. Aoiro harnesses the therapeutic qualities of natural botanical essences by blending fragrances that uplift the spirits as well as the atmosphere. Following this careful Japanese philosophy and their remarkable repertoire of rare botanical essences, Aoiro crafts refined scents that speak their own stories.

Materials: Various essential oils.
Volume: 1.7oz
Made in Germany

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