Basin Incense Burner

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The quiet dignity of Koh (the art of incense appreciation) takes the form of an agave plant emerging from a reflecting pool in this elegant burner. Designed to hold an incense stick, cone, or spiral, the Basin Incense Burner includes a specially designed pin to easily remove the leftover unburnt incense nub from the holder. A side notch at its base lets you rest the pin to the side.

Please note: While this incense holder is designed to accommodate many types of incense, there is a chance that sticks from certain brands may not fit the opening. For best results, use a Tennen brand incense.

About Tennen
Founded in 2001 by Ethan Wessel and Sarah Swartz Wessel, Tennen is a multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Phoenix, USA. After becoming dissatisfied with the lack of beautiful, functional incense burners, they created their own, designed to keep the nub of the incense stick from sticking to the holder after burning. From buildings to aromas, their design projects pursue aesthetic simplicity inspired by the culture and design sensibilities of Japan - honesty of materials, minimalism, and the changing seasons.

Materials: Brass
Dimensions: Height: 0.7" Diameter: 3.45"
Care: Use a soft cloth with a liquid brass cleaner as needed. For blackened brass, use a soft cloth and paste wax polish as needed. With time and use, your incense burner will develop a beautiful patina. Note: Avoid touching the burner while incense is burning, as the cover may grow hot during and for a short period after.
Arizona, USA