Denim Cafe Apron

Made in the denim mills of Okayama, this functional and long-lasting apron personifies the spirit of Japanese denim: high-quality, long-lasting materials in modern styles made with a craftsman’s eye. The Cafe Apron features adjustable denim ties that wrap snugly around your waist, a top waist notch that folds down for comfort, and wide waist pockets to store utensils or a spare kitchen towel. An essential style for your inner barista, the generous knee length ensures your clothing is protected from any spills.

About Japanese Denim
With a reputation for high-quality finishes and sturdy, long-lasting fabrics, Japanese denim ranks among the best in the world. Factories in Okayama use vintage Toyoda shuttle looms to create heavyweight denim that is then dyed in natural indigo. As a result, Japanese denim has a tighter, denser weave and unique denim surface variations that are only found in shuttle looms. These markers of quality have earned Japanese jeans a cult following among collectors, and made Okayama the birthplace of the Made in Japan denim movement.

Materials: Denim
Dimensions: Height: 22" Width: 30.3"
Care: Fill up a bathtub with lukewarm water. Add a teaspoon of detergent and let denim soak for 45 minutes. Scrub gently to remove dirt and grime, then rinse off with cold water.   
Okayama, Japan

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