Sousou Furoshiki Bag - Clappers

Inspired by the art of furoshiki- a decorative type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth- the Furoshiki Bag reimagines this beloved tradition for daily use. With edges stitched shut and adjustable ties, the Furoshiki Bag easily wraps into a versatile bag on the go. Made from washable 100% cotton, this cute bag is a quick and eco-friendly way to wrap your lunches, carry groceries from the market, or bundle clothes for weekend trips. 

About Sou Sou
Every piece in this colorful collection is infused with vibrant graphic patterns designed by Japanese artist Katsuji Wakisaka. A celebrated textile designer since 1968, Wakisaka’s inspiration comes from the Kyoto landscape and the mod styles of the 1960s.  With a mission to revitalize traditional Japanese styles, his modern designs combine contemporary patterns with traditional Japanese shapes.

Materials: Cotton
Care: Machine or hand-wash. 
Kyoto, Japan

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