iiZA Kitchen Knives

These chef-quality knives are hand-forged in Echizen, a historic and innovative hub of Japanese knife production. Their blades are structurally derived from traditional production methods used for Japanese swords, characterized by their outstanding lightness and strength. The blade consists of three layers of stainless steel, with a VG10 core blade steel sandwiched between highly rigid and rust-resistant plates of stainless steel. 

The handle, designed Chiaki Murata, features a curve designed especially for the joint between blade and handle. The ergonomic and innovative design keeps a stable weight and shape for the best balance of fit and comfort of use.

Paring Knife (small)
A small, super-sharp knife for careful food prep done on a cutting board. Ideal for peeling and other small or intricate work like slicing shallots, cutting herbs, or boning smaller proteins.
Santoku Knife (medium)In Japanese, santoku means “three virtues,” representing the essential skills of slicing, dicing, and mincing. This multipurpose knife was crafted to solve those same challenges, creating a sharp, precise tool that cuts easily through meat and vegetable. Tapered and lightweight, the Santoku Knife is a versatile tool for both the professional and home chef. 
Gyutou Knife (large)
Inspired by the profile of a traditional European chef's knife, the Gyutou Knife has a multipurpose blade with a slight meat cutting bias. Its large size lets you effortlessly cut thin slices from wide cuts, while its lightweight density ensures the task will not tire you out. It is an ideal tool for cutting large vegetables, cleaving slices of meat, trimming fish or slicing sashimi.  
Materials: stainless steel, "VG10" steel blend. 
Dimensions:  Large - Width: 1¾” Length: 14½”                        
                        Medium - Width: 1¾” Length: 11½”                      
                        Small - Width: 1¼” Length: 9¾"
Care:  Sharpen at least once every three months with a whetstone to help prevent dullness and breakage. Always hold the handle firmly and always use on a chopping board (ideally wooden and not plastic). Never cut on stone or metal surfaces. Hand wash only. Not dishwasher-safe. 
Echizen, Japan

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