iiZA Bread Knife

This sleek bread knife is hand-forged in Echizen, a historic and innovative hub of Japanese knife production. With sharp ridges and a smooth, lightweight handle, this bread knife is an ingenious tool for cutting tough sourdough loaves or freshly baked French baguettes.

The handle, designed by Chiaki Murata, features a curve designed especially for the joint between blade and handle. The ergonomic and innovative design keeps a stable weight and shape for the best balance of fit and comfort of use. 

The blade is structurally derived from traditional production methods used for Japanese swords, characterized by its outstanding lightness and strength. It consists of three layers of stainless steel, with a VG10 core blade steel sandwiched between highly rigid and rust-resistant plates of stainless steel. Its layered structure makes this blade stronger and more rigid than those that use only a single steel. This completely original design achieved by a master Japanese artisan is the only blade of its kind in the world.

Materials: stainless steel, "VG10" steel blend. 
Dimensions: Width: 1” Length: 13”
Care: Sharpen at least once every three months to help prevent dullness and breakage. Sharpen every gullet one at a time, with a small round sharpening rod. 
Echizen, Japan

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