Convertible Canvas Back Pack

Perfect for the minimalist on the move, this multi-functional backpack has a modular design that will morph with you throughout the day. At its core, the rectangular shape is perfect for papers, folios, and a laptop, or as a hand tote for the market. With the side fasteners snapped, it becomes a shoulder bag that can be used to carry bulkier items while still providing access to the handy side zipper and interior pocket. Made of sturdy canvas, the inner lining is waterproof-finished to keep spills from becoming stains.  

About Stitch and Sew

Based in Osaka, Stitch and Sew makes products that explore the relation between life and the objects we use every day. By paring down their designs to the bare essential shapes and colors, Stitch and Sew creates easy, multi-functional wear and accessories for the modern minimalist.

Materials: 100% cotton
Dimensions: Height: 15” Width: 5” Length: 17¼”
Osaka, Japan

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