Cleaning Set

This cleaning set includes a palm broom, Japanese-style cleaning cloth and paper dustpan for all your cleaning needs. Handmade from bark fibers in Wakayama Prefecture, palm brooms have been used for centuries in Japan. The natural fibers keep dust from flying into the air and its small, maneuverable size lets gather up fine dust hidden in tight corners. The cleaning cloth is highly absorbent, with a rough texture that picks up small stains even without detergent. The dustpan is treated with persimmon juice, which has antibacterial properties.

Materials: bamboo, paper, persimmon tannin finish, cotton
Dimensions: Broom - Height: 9½” Width: 1” Length: 4”
                     Dust Pan - Width: 16” Length: 6½” Depth: 2½”
                     Cloth - Width: 12½” Length: 12½”
Care: A fine natural powder is in the fibers of the broom, which should be shaken out before using. After using, hang on the wall to keep the natural fibers straight. 
Wakayama, Japan

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