Bagworks Zippered Carrying Case

Every bag designed in the Bagworks collection was inspired by the bag styles typically carried by workers in specific types of professions (messenger bags for newspaper delivery boys, briefcases for bank men, backpacks for students, etc). The Bagworks pouch is modeled after the long, sturdy bag style used by workers in Japan’s Department of Transportation to carry license plates and documents.

This oversized cotton case can be used to carry art supplies, documents, or travel necessities. The style features a heavy-duty zipper as well as an inside pocket for storing smaller items like keys or a mobile phone.  

Materials: waxed cotton
Dimensions: Height: 7¼”, Length: 14"
Care: To remove dirt, strike it gently with a brush or tightly wrung cloth. Dry thoroughly if wet to prevent discoloration. Due to the wax coating, the surface of the cotton may discolor or crease when in contact with the elements. 
Nara, Japan

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