Aluminum Bento Box

The bento lunch box is part of Japan's food culture, and this small version is great for packing a light lunch. Though lacquered, plastic bento boxes are common, this sleek style is made with aluminum and modeled after vintage Alumite styles of the early 20th century. Its oxidized surface prevents bacterial growth and is slow to rust, while its sturdiness makes the box lightweight but difficult to dent. 

The shape of this box is designed to be the same ratio as the standard Japanese flag ratio. This collector's box is also made with the same aluminum as the type used for Japanese 1 Yen coins, which are manufactured by the national coin mint in Japan.  

Materials: aluminum
Dimensions: Height: 1¾”, Width: 3", Length: 4¾"
Volume: 1½ cups
Care: Hand wash, dry thoroughly.
Nara, Japan

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