Kokkuban Chalkboard Building Blocks Set

Set your creativity free with this inventive, DIY block set made from recycled materials. This eco-friendly set includes seven blocks and an assortment of dustless chalk made from recycled Japanese scallop shells, giving your kids a safer chalk and a clear, vibrant pigment. Coated with non-toxic chalkboard paint, these wooden building blocks can be drawn on freely and reused as many times as you like. Practice your spelling, draw a story, or build a little village- the possibilities are endless!

Set includes 7 blocks, pack of dustless chalk, mini chalk sharpener and chalkboard eraser.

About Nihon Rikagaku
Nihon Rikagaku has been producing environmentally friendly chalk and chalkboards since 1937. This socially-conscious company proudly supports the environment and its people: more than of 70% of its workforce are men and women with intellectual disabilities. Through training and opportunity, they give their employees the tools to support themselves and work with dignity no matter their circumstances.

Materials: Blocks: wood, non-toxic chalkboard paint, Chalk: Japanese scallop shells, calcium carbonate
Dimensions: Height: 6½” Width:8 ¾” Depth: 2”
Care: To clean, wipe off chalk with a wet cloth.  
Kanagawa, Japan

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